A School is Born

All fourteen classes have been framed and are being insulated, drywalled and electrified.

The school has a projected start date of mid February 2018.

The western border between the U.S. and Mexico extends into the Pacific Ocean.
The Border Education Project, along with several other nonprofits including Project Mercy and International Relief Teams, are building a school in Fuentes del Valle, a Colonia in eastern Tijuana, located about halfway between Otay and Tecate. Most of the residents are migrants from central Mexico who come to the border area for the higher paying jobs. The schools in the surrounding areas are full and can’t accept more students. As a result, about seventy children in Fuentes del Valle cannot and do not attend school. This is a situation that can’t be allowed to continue so your help is desperately needed. DONATE

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About the BEP

We are a 501c(3) nonprofit made up of educators dedicated to building an empowering worldview by providing a 21st century education to K-12 students on both sides of the U.S.-Mexican Border. We are working to restore the balance between man and machine by teaching students how to be users and consumers of technology, teaching technical skills, giving students the ability to assess the impacts of technology, to understand issues in a technological society, and to expose students to the wide range of career opportunities as technology workers.

How to set up an Engineering Technology class for under $10K Equiping an Engineering Technology class in any
Middle or High School can be suprisingly inexpensive.

Guitar Core Supplemental lessons in the four core subjects of Math, Science, English and History taught with the world's most popular musical instrument-the guitar

Reverse Engineering A simple, engaging teaching activity using expendable electronic components. My Experiences With Bilingual Education About half the world's population can speak more than one language. In the U.S., it's about one in five.